Tuesday, September 13, 2011


My daughter's skating coach recently took a new job. 
This job could have huge implications on my daughter's skating career. 
We are very excited for her and the future of the skate club. 
So we wanted to  make her a card.
I really enjoy using the On Ice stamp set.
I wanted the skates to stand out, so I used Fresh Snow ink on pure poppy cardstock.
The Congrats is from one of the Think Big sets.
I really like the contrast between the red, black and white.


  1. Oh this is beautiful! I think this is my favorite of yours to date. Wow! Stunning! Hope its huge good implications for the club.

  2. Red, white and black are such a classic combo. Lovely card!

  3. Great card! Love the red, black and white.

  4. Anna I LOVE this.. the skate just POPS off that red!!
    Hope all is well! Sorry to be so SLOW in visits.. Life was CRAZY and I THINK finally back to normal! :)
    Have a GREAT day!

  5. Beautiful!!! The color combo is stunning, love the white ink on the red. Love love it!

  6. Lovely card. Red, white and black is always a great colour combo!

  7. Ok tried posting at work the other day and my work computer would not let me! Anna I love how the stakes pop off the card! So pretty!!