Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Turning 40....

I wish I could say I was only turning 40 but the truth is I am a little bit,
only as little bit older than that!
This card was for our lovely neighbor who turned 40 over the weekend.
He is such a special guy.
He has Downs Syndrome and lives with his sister and her family.
We are fortunate to see him pretty frequently.
He has such a great heart and always asks if he can help me do things around the yard!
Well for his 40th birthday he wanted a big party and that is what he got!
We ate tacos and red velvet cupcakes, sang Karaoke and had a tons of laughs!
Happy Birthday big guy!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Skating Thank You

 June was a super busy month for our family.
Outside of completing all of the 4H projects, my daughter had a huge
skating competition and testing.
We had a great time skating in Grand Rapids!
As a thank you to her coach, we made her this card.
I wanted to use bring colors since it is summer!
I love how it turned out.
Here is my beauty at the end of her free skate program.