Monday, May 16, 2011

I've been thinking about you

Happy Monday!
What a weekend!  I traveled out of town
with my daughter who took first place in her latest skating competition!
She continues to make us so proud in a sport she loves!

I made this Thinking of You card for a dear friend who is under the weather.
It certainly brings a smile to my face and I know it will to hers.
Hope you week is off to a great start!  Enjoy!


  1. LOVE the colors and simplicity of this!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. Love the warm colors of this - they will surely bring your friend equally warm thoughts!

  3. love the orange ribbon and buttons. i think your friend will be cheered by it. and, congrats to your daughter. it really is amazing to watch them do well at something they love to do!

  4. This makes me smile too. I love it! I'm sure it will cheer your friend up. Simple and elegant . Congrats to your daughter for first place.

  5. Oh so pretty Anna! Congrat's to your daughter! How neat! I love the colors you used on the card!

  6. I really like the text in the background. This turned out great! Congrats to your daughter.