Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthday Tag

When it comes to giving birthday gifts, who would not like a cute homemade tag?
I had a bunch of little tags several weeks go and never got around to post them. 
This week I have been knee deep in 24 yards of fabric, trying to get curtains made for a friend whose house is in the showcase of homes in our area this weekend! 
Now that they are done, I can get back to focusing on other projects!


  1. Love it Anna! The brown and blue are a great combo!

  2. Very cute, Anna. You are sewing curtains? Wow. I tried that once. Once. And quickly learned that I can not sew a straight line to save my life. Now, I only sew a few inches on a card. That's all I can handle.

  3. Cute tag, Anna. I like the blue and is one of my favourite combinations.

  4. I love making taggies... I made one this week too - - the small one with that die like yours. I think the die is too small though, I like bigger tags. Anyway! - this is a that twine too.

  5. This is a sweet tag, Anna. The wrapped twine with button is a nice touch.
    If you took any picture of the showcase and the draperies you made, would you share them please? I'd love to see how you used 24 yards of fabric.