Monday, July 19, 2010

My Inspiration Book

So a couple of days ago I noted that Jen from Jen's Ink Spot posted an inspiration book for all of her stamps.  I was so taken by this because I had been looking for a way to pull all of my information together but just hadn't decided how to do it.  Well here comes Jen with this post  so off I went to  make my version.  I finished it today and I love it!  I know I can easily add to it and boy will it make my stamping even easier!

I found this fun binder at Office Depot this morning.  It is 1 inch thick.

I divided my items into 5 sections: stamps, holiday stamps, sketches, color combinations and accents.  I printed my information on Papertrey Inks, aqua mist paper.
In my last section, accents, I included my copic marker chart (as you can see I am building my supply!), some lists of the Papertrey Ink paper, buttons and ribbon I have.  This way when it is time to order something, I can see if I have it already.  I know I will be turning to this book a lot in the future.  I am so thankful to Jen for posting her wonderful idea! I hope this will inspire you as well!

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  1. Yea Anna!! So glad that you were inspired! I love how you organized and laid out your binder and the binder is so cute too! I need to fill in my copic chart and add that to mine as well. Right now it is sitting on my desk (somewhere!!) and is blank.