Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Wow this summer is going way too fast!
School starts in two weeks!
We are so not ready!
We have had such a great summer, I don't want to have start making lunches again!
Anyways, several months ago my niece graduated from 8th grade!
We had a great party and of course that warranted a card!
She always looks so forward to my cards, so this is what I made for her.
Meg, we are so proud of you and good luck with that crazy high school schedule!


  1. Great card Anna! Yes summer went by way to fast…look how fast August is going by.

  2. Miss Anna! - -HELLO
    Ugh. Making the lunches. This is actually the first year that we have had the kids take lunch. My son started junior high and I didn't want him to have pizza and ice cream every day, so we are having him take lunch 4 days a week and he can have the school lunch one day a week - the pizza and ice cream. *eye roll*
    Fun card! -- I love making things for people who love that I make things for them. There are some people who could care less, but there are some that are so appreciative of our craft -- love them!