Thursday, July 19, 2012

Furniture and comedians

A couple of months ago, my parents so graciously had a chair recovered for me.
While the chair doesn't look like much, it was my Grandfathers, so it is cherished.
With the new fabric, it is like a brand new chair and so comfortable.
The gentleman that recovers furniture for my Mom is amazing!
Over the weekend I covered the cute little footstool.
We absolutely love it! Thanks again Mom and Dad!
Last night I have never laughed so much!
We had a huge group of friends join us for dinner before heading out to see Jeff Dunham.
If you have not heard of him, he is the gentleman that is a ventriloquist!
He is hilarious and of course our company was just as funny!
My sides still hurt from laughing!
What a fantastic night!


  1. This is a wondedrful keepsake of your grandfathers. How nice of your parents to re-cover it for you. Nothing better than friends and lots of laughter. sounds like a great night. Great job on the footstool too ,Anna!

  2. Awesome chair Anna!! Enjoy and how special!!! Love Jeff Dunham!! He is so funny!!

  3. Oh forgot to say your foot stool is great!! You did a wonderful job!!