Monday, July 9, 2012


Tis the season for babies. 
Not my own but I have friends that are having babies like crazy...must be something in the water!
The first card I made is for a dear family that lives in Wisconsin.
We don't get to see them that often but darn they are the cutest!
They just had their 4th late last month!
He is so cute and will fit just perfectly into their family.
Here is the card that I made for them.
I love using argyle for little boys!
More baby cards to come, including one for twins!
The kids are at camp all day but I am trying to get a lot of work done
since I have done little since they got home from school!
Enjoy the beginning of the week!


  1. Sweet baby card! Love the button and the argyle is great for a boy. Sent your mail out today.

  2. cute lil' button teddy bear! -- and twins...ohhhh the fun fun! I wish I knew people having babies because baby cards are so fun to give. Have a good one!

  3. Oh so cute Anna!! I am so glad you got your package! I hope you can use it all!