Friday, June 22, 2012

Skate Indy 2012

In just a little bit we are heading down to Indy so that my daughter can skate.
We have been here before and this is always a fun competition to compete at.
This year should be interesting since this is the first year my daughter is skating a showcase,
plus she is far more advance than last year, so the competition is tougher!
She will do great!
We made some tags to give to all of the skaters and coaches from her club.
Our colors are navy blue and green, so I opted to go with bright colors since
navy is hard to work with sometimes, plus a lot of the girls are
girly girls (outside of my daughter!), so the colors are just perfect!
My favorite part is the little shamrock that I added in the skate.
Our logo has this and I found a shamrock in the Luck of the Irish set from PTI.
My daughters teammates will love them and they will all Sk8Gr8!
Have a terrific weekend!


  1. Oh these are sooo cute!! I love all the little details like the ribbon and the outline of the tags and colors. Great tags. Good luck to your daughter!!

  2. So cute Anna!! How exciting for your daughter!! I hope she has a wonderful time!! I am sure everyone will love the tags!! Have a great time!

  3. Those are so cute - and what a lovely gesture. Love the pictures of her up there too - skating is so fun to watch...I can only imagine how it is to see in person; and how proud you must be.

  4. Love the tags you made. I just received this tag last week and love it. Sweet pictures of your DD , I wish her lots of luck.