Sunday, February 19, 2012


Wow what a weekend it has been!
This has been one of the first weekends since before Christmas we had nothing going on!
We had workers in the house all last week, so after cleaning up it was time to get some other projects done!
While we here working, there was a constant stream of kids in and out of the house!
The kids have such a blast with their friends!
Today is no different for them!
With all the girls over today and no school tomorrow, we opted to make a few things.
First up was this Cake Batter bark that I found on Pinterest.
Super easy to make and of course delicicous!

Next we made Apple nachos. 
We make these all of the time.
My kiddos are huge fruits eaters, so this is a great treat to mix it up a little!

Sometimes we use chocolate, other times we use caramel. 
It doesn't really matter, they all get inhaled after playing outside!

Lastly, we made homemade pizza.
Everyone gets their own crust to prepare, so there are no complaints!
Now time to sit back and relax. 
The girls are still giggling and the boys went to see Star Wars with their friends...perfect!
Hope you had a great weekend!



  1. Looks like a tasty weekend! Glad you had fun!

  2. Yummy Anna! Looks like you all had a great weekend! Hope you all enjoy your day off!!

  3. Um....yum? Holy hat. I'd come work at your house if I knew that were waiting for me too!

  4. Great now Im hungry :) Sounds like a fun weekend!