Monday, February 20, 2012

Thaks Mom!!

My Mom is such a super star!
I am sure many of you feel the same way about your Moms!
This past week, my Mom stopped by to drop off my new valances.
While I can sew, I can't sew like her.
She made my vision come to life and thanks is not enough for all of her hard work!
So I made her a card.....She loves cards!
She is from Kansas and love the gorgeous sunflowers that grow there every year.
So this was a perfect opportunity to use a much neglected stamp set!
I used Simple Sunflower with terra cotta and summer sunrise ink.
I added some leaves stamped in spring moss.
The sentiment was stamped in terra cotta on rustic cream.
I added my sunflowers to a little bit of patterned paper
all on top of my favorite, canyon clay card stock!
I know my Mom will love it and I hope you do to!


  1. Beautiful card Anna! I so love sunflowers!! I loved when my Mom sewed for me! She was such a better sewer than I am! Would love to see the valances!

  2. I do love it! This sounds like it's the perfect card for you mom. How wonderful of her to help you out like that. I would love to see them too!

  3. The sunflowers are so pretty!! I like the distressing around the paper and on the sentiment, too.