Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Clear Stamp Storage Solved!

Since we moved into our new old house recently and I am still trying to find the best places for all of my crafty stuff, I had been pondering for quite some time the best way to store my every growing collection of Papertrey Ink stamps.  While I put them in the CD case that they come with and add a white background for the label, I realized how bulky everything was getting as my CD cases piled up.  So I happen to be on the PTI forum earlier this week and Jennifer from Maple Street Menagerie posted back in August this great way to store PTI stamps.  Here is the link: http://jskinney.blogspot.com/2010/08/clear-stamp-storage.html  So I thought I would try it with one of the latest I had purchased but not put in a CD yet.  Wow....I am so thankful I tried this.  My stamp storage solution has been solved!  Thank you Jennifer!  I still need to get the folder but that will come.  I can't wait to store my other stamps this way, especially the sets that are small and can be combined together!
Here is a picture of my first completed set!  Enjoy!

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